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My name is Blair McNea.

I'm not a doctor, a psychologist, a social worker or a psychiatrist.

I am, however,  a former trauma sufferer.

In 2017, my wife and I both went through a series of professional and personal crises, which triggered full on, debilitating trauma.  For each of us, life kicked our ass and kicked us to the ground.

It was a crippling time for both of us and it seemed like everything we did with traditional medicine and psychological treatment, just didn't work.   In fact, it made it worse. For us, much worse.

As we moved along under this terrible, anxiety ridden cloud of pain and hurt, I did what I have always done when confronted with a difficult problem.  I read every book I could get my hands on to learn more about trauma and how it was cured and I personally experimented with every method I could find to heal.

Trauma effects all of us.  At least 70% of us will experience trauma directly in our lives.  Trauma triggers a rolling, black cloud of pain which covers the person who experienced it and leads to a significantly degraded life.  

The effects of the trauma spreads to a trauma sufferer's family, friends and co-workers.  Trauma reactions often surface in the form of abuse and neglect, but always, for the trauma sufferer, in the form of a cloud of fixation on the trauma event and detachment from the moment and the joys of today and now.

For many people who suffer from trauma, it ushers in a descent into prolonged depression, suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse and chronic life quality issues such as procrastination, disengagement and explosive anger.

And for many of us, our minds just constantly go "there," the trauma event.

It's with you when you get up in the morning, a first thought that lingers all day.  And it's there with you as you fall asleep at night, if you are lucky enough to sleep.

But it does NOT have to be that way. 

There is a path to rebirth and, as strange as it may seem as your read this, a life that is BETTER than the one you had before the trauma!

This site is dedicated to taking you on the natural path to trauma and anxiety recovery and helping you build the path to an even better life going forward.

Join us on this path and we will walk it together.

The Answer to Trauma

Natural, Paleo-based Methods


Natural Healing

A Comprehensive Approach

Trauma can be healed.  And you can begin healing immediately.  

We are creatures of "survival of the fittest."  Regardless of whether you belief that humans have been here evolving since the Paleolithic era (2.5 million years ago) or that they have been evolving as part of a creation story that started 10,000 years ago, there have been multiple generations of change and adaption to insure survival.

Survival of the fittest has been our human experience.  Survival of the fittest rewards those who have the right physical characteristics, habits, attitudes and tribal support.  It crushes those who do not.  

And trauma has been with us forever.  So, humans have within them and their tribe. the natural foundations to survive and heal from trauma.  

You and I wouldn't be here if our ancestors didn't have the "right stuff" to survive and then thrive after trauma.  Its right there within you, we just need to learn how to bring it out and follow the right, adapted path to healing.

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Trauma is physical

The body is the cure.

Trauma is not a prolonged mental condition.  It is a prolonged physical reaction to a dramatic, impactful negative occurrence.

Trauma triggers a physical, chemical reaction in your body, spiking catecholamines, corticosteroids, opioids, and oxytocin, while suppressing and inhibiting serotonin, dopamine and GABA.  

The healing of trauma is only done by helping your body naturally reset those chemical imbalances.

There is some mental work that needs to be done, to be sure, but its rather minor and should be done quickly and then stopped.  You do NOT heal trauma by regularly reliving it, it only stimulates a recurrence of physical reactions and spikes physical sensitivity.

Paleo Freedom is dedicated and obsessed with learning about the path to natural trauma recovery and teaching all who suffer from trauma how to follow that path to full healing.

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Trauma - What is it?

The less control, the greater the trauma

What exactly is trauma?

Trauma is when a severely negative thing happens that inflicts physical and/or emotional damage:

Common causes are: 

• Divorce/custody battle

• Sudden death of a loved one

• Impending death of a loved one

• Physical, sexual abuse

• Neglect, especially childhood

• Domestic violence
• Stalking
• Chronic marginalization

• School or gang violence

• Losses of income, assets or businesses
• Immigration

• War
• Natural Disasters
• Severe motor vehicle accidents
• Witnessing or hearing about any of the above

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Symptoms Of Trauma

A trail of pain

• Drug and alcohol abuse

• Anxiety

• Anger

• Insomnia

• Mental "fog"
• Indiscriminant sexual behavior
• Self-harm and suicidal gestures

• Suicide
• Dissociation
• Fighting
• Continued contact with the abuser

• Chronic freeze response
• Avoidance or withdrawal

• Chronic flight response
• Depression
• Procrastination

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A Physical Path To Healing

The Scoring System

This site will teach you about a physical (and some mental) path to healing from trauma.

What's more, we'll show you and you can use a scoring system to check on your daily progress to healt from trauma.

The system we use is not difficult, does not rely on radical diets, or inconvenient or lengthy actions on your part.

But we believe it will dramatically and quickly help you heal from your trauma and get you on a road to a new, better-than-ever life.

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Trauma - the word

Don't be scared off

Many people , especially men, balk at the word trauma.   They say, "It's not that bad" or "I don't want to define myself as a victim."

Men particularly do not want to appear to be weak.  BTW, that in its own way is a paleo response.

Not wanting to be defined by your trauma is a great attitude and yes, you don't want to define yourself as a victim!

That's part of the process of healing and getting out of trauma.

But, you must first also recognize the trauma you've had and embrace your reality.

For some people, we use the term Yak, or "I've been Yakked." Yak, stands for Your Ass Kicked, as in "Dude, you got your ass kicked, how are you doing?" 

It's easier for some, especially men, to say "I've been Yakked."  

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