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Authors, Books and Sources We Love

Trauma Recovery Hall Of Fame

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Dr. Brene' Brown

Dr. Brown has written several great books on mental health, taking risks, vulnerability and trauma recovery.

We love much of what she wrote in Rising Strong.

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Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Finding and reading his seminal work, The Body Keeps the Score, was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Van Der Kolk's book is the best description of the physical causes of trauma reactions and for us, opened the window and shined a light on how a person can naturally recover from trauma by stimulating those things that help the body counteract the initial trauma response.

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Tony Robbins

Goal number one is to have your body naturally recover from trauma.

Goal Number two is to create a positive mindset and plan from action and taking your life to the next level.  We love everything about Tony Robbins approach to the mind.  Tony's teaches that the mind is a tool to be controlled and optimized by you and your self will.  He reached a relationship with your Creator is critical to long term happiness and peace and that you need to pursue your life mission.  We recommend his book Unlimited Power and his web site as a good place to start.

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Gary Vaynerchuk

We love us some Gary Vee!  Gary is a social media icon, but he's morphed into a global life coach and, like Tony Robbins, he speaks true, unadulterated (and often blue-languaged) advice on having a great life.  Gary is all about finding what makes you happy and do that and you will become great at it and live a happy life.  We highly recommend his daily podcast.

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The Grief Recovery Handbook

Written by John James and Russel Friedman, we have found this book the Grief Recovery Handbook to be an excellent guide on walking through the process of grief and reaching a very positive, healed place.

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Hillary Evans, Hypnotherapist

We believe strongly in positive programming and visualization of the subconscious brain to heal from trauma and anxiety.

Hillary Evans, who works with clients all over the country, has been a superstar hypnotist in our estimation and we highly recommend her.


Carrie Franko, LPC

Carrie is an expert in EMDR.  We used her personally and we have used her as a resource to understand how EMDR, in practice, works to help heal trauma and elevated anxiety.  She's located in the Charleston, SC metro area and can be reached at 843-607-0727

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