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Why and How It Works

Bowling Strike

You Do What You Measure

As I started talking to people about the natural path they can follow for trauma recovery, I learned two things:

1) The actions I describe on this site flat out work in providing relief and in reducing cortisol and adrenaline and lifting serotonin, GABA and dopamine.  

2) Although the actions are simple and not difficult, people tend to get "mushy" about doing enough of it every day.

So, we set up a scoring system and its had a HUGE impact for people using this system to get on path to recovery.

The way the system works is very simple:

First, every day, you HAVE to get a minim of 10 points.  That's the rule and that's your commitment.  If this trauma is really hurting you, then walk this path.

Second, every day you should shoot for 15 points!  In fact, when I talk to people using the system, I always end our conversation with "Make it a 15 point day!"  Getting 15 points per day is the fastest, surest way to put you back on the path to natural trauma recovery.


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